Your New Marketing Communications Advisor

Looking for real marketing communications & PR advice? 


No other company is as no nonsense as YNMCA. We have experienced the real deal in the marketing field. 
YNMCA worked on tight budgets, extreme deadlines, global campaigns, internationally challenging target groups, B2C, B2B and
KNOWS what needs to be done online, offline or what needs to change internally.

Marketing Advice

- Direct Marketing
- Advertising
- Online Marketing
- Social Media
- Affiliate Marketing
- Free Publicity
- Copywriting

Communications Advice

  • - Corporate Communications
  • - Marketing Communications
    - Internal Communications
    - Storytelling
    - Concepts & campaigns

Creative Connectivity

Looking for ways to bring colleagues together? 
YNMCA can help you organize your staff event, creative coaching sessions, anniversary celebrations and other events to bring colleagues closer together in a fun creative way! 

Affordable Advice

YNMCA is an affordable marketing partner. You profit from the expertise of our professionals and no not have to pay for a fulltime marketing professional at your company. 

Perfect for when you have a smaller company, do not have the budget for a hiring a marketing colleague, have some projects that need extra attention, in case of maternatity leave or many more reasons...

International Experience

Doing business in the Netherlands is one thing... Doing business in Germany another... But when you look even further and venture yourself in Japan, the USA or even Africa: you need to know how to talk, act and react in their language! 

YNMCA has international experience which will help you translate your business goals into a clear marketing strategy for the country you wish to target.